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The Resource Center for Environment and Sustainable Development is back again with the second phase of “Camergreen Competition”, this time around for the first public national auditions. Fifty-five contestants were selected from across the nation to audition in front of a panel of Jury on the 29th of July 2017 at Chariot Hotel Hall, Buea.

The RCESD team opened the event at about 10 a.m with a display of the theme song titled “Make Camer Green”. Closely followed by the team display, was a welcome speech from the Vice Director of RCESD, Mr. Leke Tayoh who welcomed all the contestants form far and wide and the . He talked about the dangers our day to day practices poses to the environment and the importance of educating the public of these dangers. The Head of Jury, Mr. Ateh Francis who is a senior Journalist at the national TV station CRTV Yaoundé , congratulated the contestants for making it to the second round of the competition and gave them a heads up of how grading would be done. The grading included message of the song, stage performance, vocals, and originality of the song.

Contestants were called up according to serial numbers assigned. Messages of their song ranged from pollution, waste management to climate change and even deforestation and were  in different brands of songs ranging from Pop, to RnB, Soul, and Afro pop. Some used recorded instrumentals and others sang with musical instruments like the guitar and the piano. Music filled the air… the talents were immeasurable. The audience were elated by the performances and kept cheering loud. The audition was also graced by urban artists like Big G, K Major and bloggers too.

The event was closed by a speech from the representative of the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, Mr. Fonweban Hans, who thanked everybody who made it to the event and encouraged everyone to live a green life. All contestants were awarded certificates of participation at the end of the day.

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