Rapid seed multiplication for yam via the mini sett technology

This propagation entail yam setts being placed on tray boxes which contained sawdust and exposed to sunlight under shade to enable pre sprouting. After pre-sprouting these setts are taken to the field, planted with a spacing of 50cm apart. Yam sets are slanted for burying in mulch soil beds. It takes 6months for yam setts to sprout and become seed yams. This needs constant monitoring for weeding and mulching. When the yams became matured and leaves dried-off, yam seeds are harvested. During harvesting, materials such as wheelbarrows, diggers are used which help facilitated the digging/harvesting process. The irony is that some of these setts become mother yams which could be sold or eaten. Thus the technique is a win win method to ensure both food security and seed availability.