Environment-Development Interventions

The Environment-Development Intervention (EDI) research group is focus on making the environment-development nexus.
Wildlife surveyConservation and environment problems are context specific
and should be tackled based on the locality characteristic. Despite an increase in conservation-development research in the last decade, the key challenges of finding a balance between environmental conservation and development are still not evident. Negotiating sustainable environmental conservation and development actions require greater emphasis on diverging values and preferences for the scale of operation and actions. Environmental conservation projects most often failed to adequately address the needs of indigenous communities relying on the concerned natural resources for livelihoods.

Wildlife survey
Livelihood activity of indigenous community

The ability of local people to effectively cooperate within environmental conservaLivelihood activity of indigenous communitytion program is centred on how well the programs are embedded in the sociocultural relations, politics, resource needs and uses of the local people. In this light, establishing sustainable linkages between environmental conservation and developmental actions require the consideration of local people’s needs within the short and the long run.

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We are engaged in participatory research to ensure sustainability in environmental conservation programs. More updates on our research interests in this field can be consulted here

Non timber forest product at local market