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RCESD is a registered non-profit organisation (Reg. No. 358/G37/D14/VOL II/SAAJP) with head-office in Buea, Cameroon. It was founded in October 2008 by 8 graduate students determined to contribute to a change in their local community under the former name “Rural Alliance for Youth Development- RAYD”.  In 2013, there was a need to engulf a wider perspective and to broaden the scope of the organisation. This brought in new ideas and expertise into the management team. A broader agenda was set for the organisation and the name was modified from RAYD to RCESD to meet this new agenda.

Development Intervention

Cameroon is one of the African countries with 156Gwh/yr of energy generated from thermal power plants of 207MW total capacity scattered around the country. This energy production is equivalent to 19360 tons of CO2 per year. This thermal plant energy augment the hydro power capacity to a total of 900MW generating 3650GWh per year, which is unreliable and cannot meet the electrical energy needs of Cameroon.


Forest Preservation

Research contributes to predict, describe, explain and improve knowledge on ideas and concepts through systematic approaches. RCESD’s focus is on research that can contribute to dynamic solutions to challenges in sustainable development. We carry out interdisciplinary research projects in areas of environment and development, governance and development, socio-economic development, food and agriculture…

Capacity Building

In line with RCESD vision on guaranteeing sustainable development, we capitalize on capacity building as a potential tool towards ensuring that people understand their various roles. In this respect, building capacities stand as a priority especially as we try to focus on an effective generational shift in a very competitive professional world and we seek to groom dynamic minds in various aspects that contribute to sustainable development.

News and Updates

Our Ongoing Projects

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Building local cap... NEEDED $

This project is aimed at contributing to research output and expertise need...

Upcoming Events

It is the mission of RCESD to contribute to the sustainable development agenda through collaborative research, capacity building and project support. We look at how environmental integrity and social justice can be achieved in a dynamic and complex globe in which we live. We lay emphasis on collaborative actions and networking. RCESD uphold that through inclusive and meaningful participation, sustainable development can be achieved.

We seek to be a recognized leader organisation that excels in effective crafting and implementing of solutions to sustainable development challenges through capacity building, research and responsible engagement with the local community as well as with the national and global communities in which we live.


Mbunya Francis Nkemnyi

Chief Executive Officer

Lekeanju Nguatem Tayoh

Program Director

Fombu Christel Yanicole

Program Development Director

Ajong Ginneh Leku

Finance officer